Family Golf

It is great to see families on the golf course, enjoying a relaxing 9 holes of golf. To encourage more families to play and to make the experience even more enjoyable, Ould Newbury is instituting Family Tees in 2016.

A growing trend on golf courses in the USA is the installation of Family tees. In partnership with the PGA of America, the U.S. Kids Golf Family Course setup helps young golfers and beginners play from appropriate yardages. The benefits include:

  • Scales the golf course for players whose driver carry distance is 150 yards and less
  • Kids and all members of the family play faster and do not feel rushed
  • Lower scores and more fun
  • Encourages members of families to play from appropriate tee locations

Based on the recommendation US Kids Golf Foundation and the PGA, the Family Course adds two levels of tees to each hole well in front of the existing tees: Level One at 1500 yards and Level Two at 2000 yards. Official scorecards will be available for these tees. Once the tees are set and the scorecard created, ONGC can be listed on the website as a Family Course.