Board of Governors and Operations

The club is operated by members of the Board of Governors, who chair various committees and oversee the day-to-day function of the Golf Pro, Course Superintendent, and General Manager.

2019 Executive Board Members

President: John Constantineau

Vice President: Mike Muzi

Treasurer: Hank Moore

Secretary: Kathy Melia

2019 Board Members

General Manager: Ron Margeson

Greens Committee: Mike Muzzi, Chairperson

House Committee: Rob Bouley, Chairperson

Tournament and Rules Committee: Sean Scales, Chairperson

Handicaps and Carts Committee: Ron Miller, Handicaps Chairperson

Marketing Committee: Ron Margeson, Chairperson, Cynthia Rodzen, Vice-Chair

Kitchen & Entertainment Committee: Ron Margeson, Chairperson, Lucille Lang, Vice-Chair

Membership Committee: John Constantineau, Chairperson

2019 Club Operations

Head Golf Professional: Jim Hilton

Course Superintendent: Scott Godfrey

Head Chef / Catering Manager: Karen Butt

Pub Manager: Rachel Wickers