• Join Ould Newbury Golf Club Today

    Join Ould Newbury Golf Club Today

    A club for all ages and playing abilities, Ould Newbury offers something for everyone. Read More
  • Ould Newbury - A Variety of Membership Levels

    Ould Newbury - A Variety of Membership Levels

    Whether you are a weekday or weekend golfer, ONGC has a membership level to fit your needs. Read More
  • The Pub at Ould Newbury

    The Pub at Ould Newbury

    Welcome to the all new Pub at Ould Newbury. Read More
  • ONGC Women's Golf

    ONGC Women's Golf

    Ould Nebwury Ladies' League is great for both beginner or experienced women golfers. Read More
  • ONGC's Junior Golf Program

    ONGC's Junior Golf Program

    Ould Newbury offers a fun, educational and competitive program for Juniors Read More
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We Are Open!

Ould Newbury is open for public play from Monday a.m. until Friday at noon

Please call the Pro Shop at 978-465-9888 for tee times.


Friday Night in the Pub

Dinner Specials, September 27th

With Fall in the air, Chef Karen is cooking up some great comfort food this Friday!!

  • Pot Roast Dinner with Carrots, Potato and Peas
  • Jambalaya, Chicken, Sausage, Shrimp, Rice and Green Beans


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2019 Twilite Teams

Team #1
1 Woods

  • S. DeAngelis
  • R, Butterworth
  • T. Smith
  • P. Binnett

Team #2
3 Woods

  • B. McKenna
  • D. Maxwell
  • R, Trussell
  • J. Carleton

Team #3
4 Woods

  • B. Jodz
  • J. Gregory
  • B. Hucksam
  • R. Miller

Team #4
1  Irons

  • C. Young
  • L. Abbott
  • P. Blake
  • J. Trussell

Team #5
2 Irons

  • J. Ingraham
  • R. Rafferty
  • M. Landers
  • J. Creeden

Team #6
3 Irons

  • R. Ryan
  • M. Jaffee
  • J. Hickok
  • T. McElligott

Team #7
4 Irons

  • S. Colter
  • M. Zappala
  • J. Hickey
  • B. Colby

Team #8
5 Irons

  • M. Muzi
  • T. Tremblay
  • P. Tobin
  • B. Pucci

Team #9
6 Irons

  • K. Moore
  • B. Videyko
  • R. Page
  • L. Lamanuzzi

Team #9
7 Irons

  • P. Bouchard
  • B. Noyes
  • B. Manter
  • C. Beauchain

Team #10
8 Irons

  • M. Nowal
  • J. Boucher
  • J. Torrisi
  • A. Spinella

Team #12
9 Irons

  • D. Leary
  • W. Lojek
  • R. Bouley
  • P. Leary


Twilite Standings

Standings as of June 19, 2018

June 19

Twilite Schedule

2019 Schedule - Available Soon



Twilite Overview

  • Limited to regular members
  • Opening Night: Tentatively set for Tuesday, May 2nd. Nine-hole Meet Your Team Scramble, 5:00 PM tee-off. Hors d’oeuvres and prize awards to follow.
  • First Playing Date: Tuesday, May 9th.
  • Closing Banquet & Awards: Tuesday, one week after final match.
  • Dues: $30.00 registration fee and $5.00 per playing date (payable whether or not you play). A separate $5.00 fee will be charged for the Scramble as well.
  • Sign-up Deadline: Prospective new members should sign-up by Monday, April 3rd. (Sign-up sheet will be posted at the club.)
  • Tee Off Times: 5:30 PM deadline. Players are encouraged to tee-off as early as 4:30 PM. Tees #1, #4, and #7 will be the starting tees (see schedule).
  • New Members: Members will be accepted on a first sign-up basis according to the following formula:
  1. Previous member
  2. Repeats from previous sign-up sheet
  3. New applicants
  • Substitutes: Substitutes are always welcome and needed. See Jim or Judy if interested.
  • Special team prizes will be awarded during the last three weeks.
  • Twilite Supper: You must sign-up before you tee-off. The kitchen staff will be presenting a variety of meals throughout the season.


Why Ould Newbury is Different

  • No matter what your playing ability, you will fit right in with Ould Newbury's friendly membership. It doesn't matter if you have been a member for 40 years or just joined last week - all members at Ould Newbury are like an extended family.
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