Women's Golf at ONGC

Ould Newbury offers a very strong women’s golf program. All women are invited to join the Ould Newbury Ladies’ League and participate in weekly playing leagues, annual tournaments, Women’s Golf Association Massachusetts events (such as Spring and Fall Cups), North Shore League, and our much enjoyed Mystery Trips.

For a formal weekly league, ONGC Women’s League offers the Monday night Ladybug League. Ladybug League is composed of teams of 4 women (A-B-C-D handicaps) playing against each other in fourball format.

In addition, the Tuesday morning league invites all to participate in the weekly play, the format of which changes every week. This league is also open to non-members for a small nominal fee plus greens fees.

Throughout the year, the women may also play in the organized club tournaments, such as Club Championship, President’s Cup and Ladies Fourball. There are several fun tournaments, the most popular being the 3 Kings and a Queen Bramble.

Ould Newbury has a long history of women’s golf and the Women’s’ League is always happy to welcome new members into its ranks.

Women’s League Overview

The Women’s League promotes sociability and good fellowship among members by sponsoring and participating in tournaments and club events.

The purpose of this organization is to promote women’s golf at Ould Newbury Golf Club by organizing leagues, conducting tournaments and social activities, encouraging membership in the club and participation in club events while promoting fellowship among members.

League Procedures

Planning for Play

Submit your membership application and pay your required dues: ONGC members pay $45, Non-ONGC members pay $55. You are not eligible to play or win chits until you are a member of record.

Establish an Index/Handicap: You must have a current USGA Index or have provided 5 scores from ONGC or other courses to the General Manager or Golf Pro at ONGC. Each time you play, your score must be entered into the handicap system.

Check the Dress Code: Dresses, skirts, slacks, golf shorts, mid-length shorts and blouses are considered appropriate attire; shorts, and skirts need to be mid-thigh or longer. Halter tops, tee shirts, short-shorts, denim, gym shorts and spandex are restricted.

Sign Up for Tuesday Morning

If you are interested in playing on Tuesdays for 9 or 18 holes, you will be added to the weekly email list. Each week on Wednesdays, Tuesday players will receive an email invitation to play for the next week. An early response is preferred but the groups aren’t made up until Sunday and an email will go out on Monday with the tee times. PLEASE DO NOT USE “REPLY ALL” when responding to the organizer of the league. NOTE: Tuesday 9 hole players may play without a handicap.

Sign Up for Tournaments

All upcoming tournaments will be posted in the Women’s locker room. Simply sign up on the sheet or you may email the person running the event or a member of the Tournament Committee.


If Tuesday League or Ladybug League has to be cancelled, you will be notified by email. If you must cancel, please contact the league organizer as soon as possible.

Pace of Play

Pace of play is expected to be 4 hours and 15 minutes for 18 holes. Everyone in your group is responsible to maintain the pace. Keep up with the group in front of you, and if you fall behind, pick up your ball, record X for that hole and we will calculate your max score. In no event shall a player take more than 10 strokes on any hole. Here are some tips to maintain the pace of play:

  • Be ready to hit when it is your turn/BE AT YOUR BALL.
  • USGA RULE is 3 minutes max to search for a ball.
  • If you can’t see your ball but know approximately where it lies TAKE a few clubs and go to look for your ball. Do not walk more than 20 yards to search for your ball without clubs with you.
  • Be ready to putt when it is your turn. Player on the green closest to the hole tends the flag. First player to putt out replaces the flag.
  • Do not record your scores until you have reached the next tee.
Cart Rules

Carts must follow the 90-degree rule. Carts are permitted in the fairways of holes 1, 2, 4 and 8 after the ditch; unless otherwise indicated by the Pro Shop on the day of play. Carts must remain on the cart path at tees and greens, and carts are not permitted within 30 yards of any green unless a handicap flag is displayed.

Show Me the Money!

Chits Awards
  • Winnings, known as “CHITS”, can be used in the Pro Shop for merchandise; or could be designated for use in the Pub.
  • TUESDAY MORNING PLAY – Chits are paid to the winners of that day’s play. The total prize will vary based upon the number of players that day.
  • Chits may be awarded for the winning teams of the League’s Opening and Closing Scrambles and winners of the Fun Tournaments.
Cash or Gift Awards for Tournaments and Leagues
  • Club Champion – gross
  • Four Ball Champions – Two Flights
  • President’s Cup (1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th)
  • Centennial Cup (1st and 2nd)
  • Ladybug Prizes (1st, 2nd and 3rd Net)
  • Opening & Closing Scrambles
Cash Prizes for Season Long Contests among WL Members

Birdies, Pars and Chip-Ins

This is a fun opportunity to challenge yourself. There are 3 flights: women with a handicap below 20, from 20 to 30, and 40+ or no handicap. If you get a par (over 20 hcp only), birdie, eagle or an albatross any time you play, fill out a witnessed form (found in the locker room) and drop it in the box. At the closing banquet, cash prizes will be awarded to individuals with the highest number of pars, birdies, eagles, and (if a miracle) albatrosses.

2023 Officers

  • President: Kathleen Schoonmaker (2nd term)
  • Vice President: Trish Kurkul (1st term)
  • Secretary: Bev Zagarri (1st term)
  • Treasurer: Linda Ralph (1st term)
  • Officer at Large: Judy Burke

2024 Committees

  • Tournaments: 
  • Dream Score/Birdies/Chip Ins: 
  • Member/Guest: 
  • Lady Bug League:
  • Spring Cup / Fall Cup:
  • North Shore League:

Major Women’s League Events 2024

Centennial Cup: This is a blind draw, single elimination, bracketed tournament open to women members of ONGC with a handicap. The tournament starts in May and ends in September. You pick your own partner and organize your matches. However, you cannot play with the person you played with the preceding year; unless you are the defending champions. If you want to play but don’t have a partner reach out to the tournament committee and we will try to connect you with another interested player. The sign-up sheet will be in the Locker Room by the Opening Dinner. The blind draw will be May 15th. Cost of $20 per player, is awarded in prizes for the top teams.

Member / Guest: Date TBD. A fantastic day of golf with lunch, prizes and raffles. Cost is $75.00 per person and includes cart fees, golf and lunch.

Seacoast Classic: New in 2022, the Seacoast Classic is an interclub four ball match play tournament against Rockport Golf Club.  This year, Rockport will host on Saturday and Ould Newbury will host on Sunday, with a dinner following the event. 

Member / Member: Two Woman Triple: Date TBD. This was a new event in 2021, 24 women participated. Pick your own partner and get ready for fun and competition. Six holes of scramble, 6 holes of best ball and 6 holes of alternate shot/select drive. Would love to have 28 gals!!

Solheim Cup: Date TBD. This format is a modified version of the LPGA tour event. We first held this event in 2020 and it was a huge success and a great way to end our season of women’s golf.  All participants are divided into two teams, USA and Europe with captains assigned for each team. Stay tuned for more details as the season progresses.

Sunday Fun Day Tournaments: Date sand formats TBD We realize that less experienced golfers, and women who don’t like competitive golf were reluctant to participate in many events, so we created Sunday Fun Days. The main objective of these events is to get as many members of the club and the Women’s League to come have fun playing golf. The format is always a bramble (all people drive and the team selects the best drive). Everyone plays their own ball from the best drive. Fun Days are a 4-person team event, and the winning team gets a prize from the Women’s League. Participation is free for Women’s League members and $5.00 for non-league members; there may also be a charge for food.

Major Club Sponsored Events for Women Members

Club Championship: No handicaps for this event, it’s a hole-by-hole gross score. If more than 4 women sign up, a medal play qualifying round will be held on August 8th and the top four women will go to semi-finals, then the top two compete for the crown on August 15th. There will be no net club championship this year.

President’s Cup: This is a handicapped event and the low net score on this one-day event wins the Cup. The entry fee is awarded in prize money to the top finishers. Last year we had a great turnout and won’t it be fun to celebrate our Club Champion and President’s Cup winner on the same day!

Four Ball: August 23 – 25, 2024. This event is 5 nine-hole rounds of partner play, with the teams structured into two flights. The first nine-hole match starts Friday around 4 and Sunday concludes with dinner at the club. It’s a great weekend of golf, and ideally, we would have 32 women members participate, if not, the first 24 who sign up and pay will be in the tournament.

Tuesday Morning League

Tuesday morning league is open to members and non-club members. You sign up weekly for Tuesday play, so you are not committing to playing every Tuesday. Tee times for 18 holes start between 8:30-9:00am and 9 hole times begin around 10:00am. Tuesday morning golf is a little more informal than other leagues.

Each week, we establish a game with structure but more importantly have fun and meet new friends. We each put $2 in a pot and play a game. The winners earn chits to the pro shop. Teams are decided beforehand and you are given a tee time. Foursomes are grouped to provide a balance and attempt to make everyone comfortable. All scores must be posted. If you do not have a handicap, we will help you get one. Louise Healey runs Tuesday league.

Monday Ladybug League

Monday Ladybug League is comprised of 4 person teams, and ideally, we have 8 teams. There are nine weeks of scheduled play, an opening scramble, 7 matches and a closing scramble. Players must be members of ONGC and the Women’s league, and play to a max handicap of 40. If you know you will miss more than 2 weeks of play, please sign up as a substitute player, not a regular team member. Tee times begin around 4:30pm and many of us gather for dinner or a drink in the Pub afterwards. The fee of $15.00 per player is distributed to the winning teams. Lucille Lang runs Ladybug League.

North Shore League

North Shore League (NSL) is a league formed with surrounding golf clubs. Ould Newbury Club members are eligible to participate as long as their handicap is 34 or below. Each member club plays 6 matches, 3 home and 3 away. The Captains try to make sure all who want to play, get a chance to play at least one away match. There are no green fees. You only pay for your cart and are expected to stay for lunch.

The captains make up the twosomes ahead of time and you play the opponents two against two in match play. It is a season long competition where the NSL keeps track of all the scores and announces the NSL Champs at the end of the season. Catherine Garnache and Nancy Holt run NSL.

Spring Cup

Spring Cup is organized and run by the Mass Golf Association to promote friendly competition with other clubs and develop women’s amateur golf in Massachusetts. Clubs from all over the state participate in Spring Cup. The format is singles net match played at 100% handicap allowance. ONGC members are eligible to sign-up in the fall. You can sign-up as a team member or as a substitute. A team is made up of the lowest 5 handicapped players who signed-up. In some years ONGC has had 2 teams, when we have enough players and substitutes. The MGA matches clubs up according to the average handicap of the teams and puts each team into a Cup. There is a fee which is paid to the MGA. Jane MacDonald runs Spring Cup and Fall Cup for ONGC.

Fall Cup

Fall Cup is a MGA statewide tournament consisting of 3 matches played in September between Member Club teams. Teams are 2-person, similar to our Four Ball Tournament at ONGC. Each team consists of 6 female players who belong to the club. Currently ONGC fields one team but we could field two teams if we had enough interest. It is possible to interchange players between matches in the Fall Cup; so, we would be looking for 12 players who could commit to each match if we were to enter 2 teams in 2021. In addition, we would need 4 substitutes to support 2 Fall Cup Teams. Sign-up will happen in August 2021. There is a fee paid to MGA. Jane McDonald is ONGC’s designated chairperson for Fall Cup.

Ladybug League Teams (2024)

  • TBD

Spring Cup Teams (2024)

Team 1: Wendy Colby, Linda Ralph, Cindy Notfall, Cindy Rodzen, Kathy Melia

Team 2: Judy Burke, Leslie Milne, Maureen Farren, Maggie Hickey, Carol Comeau/Karen Lamanuzzi 

Fall Cup Teams

To be determined. Sign Up Sheet will be posted in the women’s locker room.

  • 2023 – Wendy COlby
  • 2022 – Wendy Colby
  • 2021 – Karen Richardson
  • 2020 – Karen Richardson
  • 2019 – Louise Healey
  • 2018 – Wendy Colby
  • 2017 – Karen Richardson
  • 2016 – Karen Richardson
  • 2015 – Wendy Colby
  • 2014 – Wendy Colby
  • 2013 – Cindy Rodzen
  • 2012 – Wendy Colby
  • 2011 – Jane McDonald
  • 2010 – Cindy Rodzen
  • 2009 – Amy Dickison
  • 2008 – Karen Miller
  • 2007 – Jane McDonald
  • 2006 – Karen Miller
  • 2005 – Louise Healey
  • 2004 – Jane McDonald
  • 2003 – Karen Miller
  • 2002 – Mary Marengi
  • 2001 – Karen Miller
  • 2000 – Jane McDonald
  • 1999 – Leea Osborne Trussell
  • 1998 – Louise Healey
  • 1997 – Mary Marengi
  • 1996 – Mary Marengi
  • 1995 – Patti Marsh
  • 1994 – Mary Marengi
  • 1993 – Leea Osborne Trussell
  • 1992 – Dotty Burns
  • 1991 – Dot Bragdon
  • 1990 – Roberta Trussell
  • 1989 – Dot Bragdon
  • 1988 – Leea Osborne Trussell
  • 1987 – Fennie McCombe
  • 1986 – Roberta Trussell
  • 1985 – Roberta Trussell
  • 1984 – Dotty Burns
  • 1983 –
  • 1982 –
  • 1981 – Dot Cullen
  • 1980 – Mariella Hennigar
  • 1979 – Mariella Hennigar
  • 1978 – Lon Hazelwood
  • 1977 – Roberta Trussell
  • 1976 – Lon Hazelwood
  • 1975 – Dot Cullen
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