ONGC History

Ould Newbury Golf Club (ONGC), a nine-hole, semi-private club, was officially opened for play on Labor Day, September 4, 1916.

Under the leadership of Benjamin Pearson, Dr. Charles S. Ingham and Joseph Dummer, 60 acres of land were leased from The Governor’s Academy (formerly named Governor Dummer Academy) and in 1915, with a fund of $10,000.00; construction of the golf course began.

The first officers of Ould Newbury were Rev. Wilfred L. Hoopes, President; Fred M. Ambrose, Vice President; Henry C. Learned, Treasurer; and Henry F. Cole, Secretary.  A Scottish architect/golfer, Jim Lowe, under whose direction the course was laid out and built, was the first professional at Ould Newbury.  He was succeeded in 1935 by Peter Moran, who was followed in turn by Ralph Beach, John MacGregor, John MacDonald, Walt Greus, Alex Burns, and our current professional, Jim Hilton.

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