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General Description and Rating



COURSE OPENING UPDATE: From Superintendent Nate Walker

We will be patient and keep a watchful eye on melting within the next two weeks making sure drainage channels are created for our freeze thaw cycles of spring. We have to be very patient to let the grass come out of dormancy and begin the growing process before we start to play and “beat on it” as early season damage could haunt us all season.  There may be some pockets of damage in lower areas but, all and all, I believe we will come out OK. 

Best case scenario is that the clean-up day will be on the 18th.  But don’t get your hopes up - I think it will be close to the 25th unless we get a dramatic change in weather. Mother Nature has to melt snow, lose the frost layer, drain up a bit and come out of dormancy. That’s a lot in less than a months’ time after three months of over five feet of snow. This is my professional perspective based on research and communication with other superintendents and turf professionals.  I will keep you posted as I monitor our progress.

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Check out our video of a brief course tour! Video footage shot in May 2012.

General Information

Holes: 9
Spikeless: Yes
Club Type: Semi-Private
Course Architect: Jim Lowe

FlagMen's Ratings

Rating: 71.8
Slope: 129
Par: 70
Yards: 6230

Senior Ratings

Rating: 69.4
Slope: 120
Par: 70
Yards: 5886

Women's Ratings

Rating: 71.3
Slope: 126
Par: 75
Yards: 5250


Men play the first nine holes from the white tee markers and the second 9 holes from the blue tee markers. Ladies hit from the red markers the first 9 holes and from the yellow markers on their second 9 holes.


Golf Professional: James M. Hilton
Superintendent: Nathan Walker
Operation: Board of Governors